There were some important firsts in Race 8 for Janine Shoffner;
– Her first time starting a race in a GT3 class car
– Her first time racing the NLS all alone
– The first time any woman has ever raced a complete NLS race in a GT3 class class, ever!

This race was something very exciting as Janine did shakedown, qualification and the whole NLS race all by herself. And boy did she hold her own. At the end of the race she was P2 in class, only 7 seconds behind the team of drivers in the SP9 AM class P1 winners (including professional drivers!).

Janine says that this was some super close, very exciting racing and was definitely the most exciting and fun race of the year for both her and the Getspeed team.

Super fun, but Janine says she will not being doing it again, as it was a very long, draining day and she will need some time to recover!

Congratulations Janine on a great race!